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Cancer check-up – the sooner the better: In each organism, different factors play a role in the development of cancer. Nobody is able to determine beforehand whether a person is at risk or not. The only possible safeguard is to have an annual cancer check-up. Cancer can only be healed properly if it is diagnosed early enough.

We take cervical smears and examine the uterus and ovaries of women aged 20 years and above. For women aged 30 years and above, we also conduct breast and underarm examinations, and for women over 50 a mammography (X-ray) should be done every two years.  All of these examinations are covered by your health insurance. Please ensure that you have these examinations regularly!

Individual health – The female body requires much attention, even when you are not going through a special phase, such a pregnancy or menopause.  We offer an extensive range of additional services and preventative check-ups that contribute to your health. Often you yourself know exactly what you need and what is good for you. We will advise you on any questions you have about your individual situation.

Customised health services for expecting mothers:

Baby TV – on request, we will conduct additional ultrasound examinations which will give you even more peace of mind about your baby’s well being. You are invited to take a snapshot of your baby home with you as a keepsake.

Ultrasound for expecting mothers – the fully digital high-end colour Doppler sonography with real-time 3D, or 4D with the Voluson E6, makes it possible to obtain even more precise findings than the conventional ultrasound.

Customised health services for all women:

  • Ultrasound examinations of the lesser pelvis – for surer detection of ovarian and uterine illnesses. Ultrasound breast examination – for the detection of impalpable tumours.

  • ThinPrep pap test – this smear test is a preventative screening test against cancer. It helps the early detection of cells that may mutate and become cancerous.

  • HPV-test – human papilloma virus test: HPV infections are usually harmless, but sometimes uterine cancer can develop from a persistent human papillom virus infection.

  • Insertion and monitoring of intrauterine diaphragms – contraceptives such as the IUD are placed directly into the uterus.

  • Insertion and monitoring of GyneFix – long-term contraception with the copper IUD

  • Implantation of subcutaneous systems – contraceptive devices such as hormone rods are injected directly under the skin.

  • Blood tests in our laboratory – for diagnosis of HIV, toxoplasmosis, and chlamydia, and to determine the hormone status.

  • Early detection of intestinal cancer

  • Early detection of cancer of the bladder

  • The treatment of gynaecological disorders – There are a number of illnesses and complaints that are specific to women, which we can relieve quickly with the right diagnosis and treatment. These include infections on the outer genitals, yeast infections, menstrual disorders, myoma, endometriosis or falling of the womb, to name only a few.

If you realise that anything is unusual in your body, or are suffering from pains and are unsure about their cause, please come and see us during our consultation hours. Often all that is needed to alleviate your symptoms is the right medication. We also perform minor ambulant surgical procedures.

Dr. med. Miriam Binder
Fachärztin für Frauenheilkunde
und Geburtshilfe


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