Our prenatal care and obstetrics

There aren’t many secrets left about the beginning of a human life. Nevertheless, it is always a fascinating process – because every woman has a different experience. We accompany you with our expertise all the way.

We will answer all your questions, whether about the planning stages of a pregnancy, an advanced pregnancy, the development of your child, or follow-up care. Yet we put even more value on confidential conversations – our goal is that you feel that you are getting the best professional and personal care from us.

Thanks to our close cooperation with midwife Silke Reutler-Riesner, we are able to offer you comprehensive support throughout the period of your life when you will give birth to those who will be the most important to you.

  • Ultrasound – the ultrasound examination (i.e. prenatal diagnosis) provides information about your baby’s development and enables us to recognise potential risks early on.

  • CTG – cardiotocography monitors foetal heart sounds and the frequency of contractions. We check regularly to make sure your child is doing well.

  • Antenatal classes – together with the midwife, Silke Reutler-Riesner, we prepare you for childbirth. In addition to the correct breathing techniques, you will be given information on all aspects of childbirth.

  • Puerperal care – at the beginning of this new stage in life you require intensive care. We also ease physical and emotional upsets.

  • Lactation counselling – we help you if the milk dams, doesn’t flow or isn’t enough.   So that you can enjoy being close to your baby without any obstacles.

  • Follow-up care – during a gynaecological exam, we check to make sure that the womb returns to its normal size. During a consultation session, we will explore all your questions with you: from the pelvic floor to the “baby blues.”

  • Contraception – women can become pregnant again shortly after giving birth. Even breastfeeding doesn’t offer reliable protection.  We will discuss suitable and gentle contraceptive methods with you.

Customised health services for expecting mothers:

  • Baby TV – on request, we will conduct additional ultrasound examinations which will give you even more peace of mind about your baby’s well being.  You are invited to take a snapshot of your baby home with you as a keepsake.

  • Ultrasound for expecting mothers – the fully digital high-end colour Doppler sonography with real-time 3D, or 4D with the Voluson E6, makes it possible to obtain even more precise findings than the conventional ultrasound.

Dr. med. Miriam Binder
Fachärztin für Frauenheilkunde
und Geburtshilfe


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